25 March
Dear Room 10, We took this photo in Bethlehem. What do you know about this special town? Terrance is not riding on a real camel it is one that has been carved out of olive wood - this tree is common here. What do they do with the fruit from the olive tree? It is wonderful for us to visit the places from the bible. The Jewish people are getting ready to celebrate Passover. In NZ we are getting ready to celebrate Easter. Do you know what the celebration of Passover is in memory of? At this time (which is at the beginning of spring) the people will not eat bread that has been risen by yeast? Why do you think they do this. The bread is very flat and tastes more like a cracker. More news from your roving reporters in Jerusalem to come ...
God Bless You All, Love from Mrs & Mrs C & Stripey T xxx----


25 March
Dear Room 10, Shalom. After Terrance had a float on the salty waters of the Dead Sea the lowest spot on earth (400 m below sea level) we took him in a Gondola for a 3 minute ride to the top of a very high mountain called Masada. They made a movie about this ancient city where a Jewish ruler called Herod built a magnificent palace. This is the same King Herod who was responsible for starting the sentence of Jesus to be crucified on the cross. The story of Masada is truly amazing. After King Herod some strong headed local Jews lived on this mountain plateau and defended the city for 3 years (the Romans were camped all this time down below and could not get to them). The Romans then decided to build a huge ramp up the mountain, hurl flames at the large wooden gate which burnt it down. What do you think had happened to the city of people inside the gate?? It was not a nice ending! More news to come from your roving reporters in Jerusalem.God Bless Room 10.Love from Mr & Mrs C and Stripey T xxx

25 March
Dear Room 10. Shalom which is the Hebrew greeting for Peace be with You. I need to find a good teacher who might be able to show me how to imbed my photos on the wiki page! Do you know of any good teachers?? Meanwhile I want to share some photos of Terrance with you. The Sea of Galilee is freshwater, and Jesus spent most of his adult years here, living with local farmers and fisherman who were all very poor. If any of you have been to Lake Waikaremoana it has a similar feeling to the Sea of Galilee with lovely mountains and hills all around and very beautiful and peaceful. In the time of Jesus the hills had many trees on them but there are not so many now. p.s. we did not catch any fish and the boats name was "Noah" God Bless from Mr & Mrs C and Stripey T xxx

24 March
A quick message from Miss C (Hi Mr and Mrs C and Stripey T!!!). I have left you some messages on a new page in the side-bar called 'Travel Page'...check it out! :-) Miss'n you...hope you're having a fun week. See you soon!

21 March
We have just been with Terrance on a boat cruise on the sea of Galilee which is where Jesus spent much of his time. It is amazing to be here. This afternoon we are going to the Dead Sea ... what do you know about this place? What happens when you swim here?
Having an amazing trip. Sending our love to you all.

Mr & Mrs C & Stripey T xxx

16 March 2010

Dear Room 10! Oh dear, I wonder what happened to the entries in this page? I hope it was not me that made them disappear! We are still at the airport in Johannesburg waiting for our flight to Dubai. What do you know about Dubai? Is it in the northern or southern hemisphere? What is the Burj al Arab (Miss Captein will know the answer to this!)

Love and God Bless from Mr & Mrs C and Stripey T xxx

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