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General Maths Sites
Number Knowledge
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Fractions and DecimalsTimeAlgebraRatios

General Maths Sites

BBC Bitesize Maths- Number
BBC Bitesize Maths- Shape, Space & Measures
BBC Bitesize Maths- Handling Data
Knowledge Adventure Maths Games
Woodlands Maths Zone
BBC Skillswise Maths
Maths A to ZArcademicsMath PlaygroundKhan AcademynRich Mathse-Ako Maths- Individual Learning Pathways from NZ Maths (register and then log in)Digi-Store- Access Your Learning Pathways for Mathematics Success (Username: st_pirong17; Password: pirong17)Teacher Tools- Free Maths Video Lessons to Learn Maths Skills and StrategiesSumdogMathsbuddy

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Number Knowledge
Negative Numbers Mission
Number Patterns
Place Value Headings

Addition and Subtraction
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Speed Numbers- An adding game against the computer
Mayan Maths Monster- A maths addition challenge game (choose the level which best suits your level)
Ghost Blasters-Two digit plus two digit addition
Count on Convict- Practice adding and subtracting on a number line with tidy 10 numbers
Speed Subtraction Grid 1
Speed Subtraction Grid 2
Speed Subtraction Grid 3
Minus Mission

Multiplication and Division
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Quick Flash-Flash card times table memorisation
Tables Shooter
Learn Your Tables

Fractions and Decimals
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Fractions Activities from Woodlands Maths Zone
Fractions Basic
Equivalent Fractions
Ordering and Comparing Fractions
Fractions Order
Fraction Monkeys
Show the Fraction
Name the Fraction
Fraction Revision
Fraction Flags Halves
More than a Half?
Fractions Soccer Shoot-Out
Food For the Day- (Username: arb. Password: guide).
Toy Holiday Fractions- Finding Simple Fractions of Number Sets (Username: arb. Password: guide).
Food Fractions- Select the Ingredients and Click and Drag them into the Pot (Username: arb. Password: guide).
Fraction Introduction and Practice
Fraction Pizza Practice
Fractions of Sets Puzzle
Decimal Test- What do you know about decimals?Decimals in Space- Decimal Place Value Testing GameHungry Puppies DecimalsDirt Bike ProportionsRatio Blaster


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BBC Bitesize Maths- Shape, Space & Measures
Woodlands Measure Skills
BBC Measuring Skills

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Bang on Time Stop the ClockStop the Clock- 5 minute intervals
Fairy Clock
Hickory Dickory Clock

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Bracket numbers- Practice the order that you need to work out a problem
Algebraic Expressions Millionaire
Soccer Math- One Step Equations Game
Math Basketball- One Step Equations Game
Algebraic Reasoning
Number Balls
Algebra Rags to Riches
Algebra Noodle
BEDMAS Practice
Algebraic Notation
Algebra Test 1
Algebra Test 2
Algebra Test 3
Number Balls
Brackets Basics


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Ratio Word Problems 1
Word Problem Data Base
Thinking Blocks Ratios- lessons and practice activities
Thinking Blocks Rations Interactive Modelling
Ratio Blaster
Ratio Stadium
Ratio Martian