Below are some resources that may be helpful for your speech preparations.
They are due the first week back of Term 3. Good luck!

Inspirational/Motivational Speech

How to Open your Speech

Dear Parents/Caregivers,
Your child needs to write a speech to present Week 1 Term 3. They will have a chance to begin their speech preparations at the end of Term 2 and then it is their responsibility to prepare them over the school holidays. The speech topics they can choose from are listed below. They need to be 1.45-2.30 minutes long.

Assessment Criteria:
You will be assessed on the following when presenting your speech. Also remember your speech should include introducing your topic clearly, for and against arguments and a conclusion, summing up your opinions and reasons for this.
I will have achieved this when I:
  • Have explained in detail all of my main points to convince the audience of my position.
  • Have included one reason why people may agree with my opposing position.
  • Have introduced my topic clearly and conclude my speech re-stating my main supporting ideas.
When presenting my speech I must:
  • Have my speech memorised or written onto cue cards.
  • Use an expressive voice that maintains listener interest.
  • Stand straight and tall.
  • Maintain good eye contact.
  • Speak clearly and can be understood.
  • Vary my expression and volume.
  • Speak at a reasonable pace.
  • Use appropriate gestures.
  • Have a speech that is between 1 minute 45 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds.
(Props to reinforce your ideas are allowed but are not compulsory.)
Speech Topics I can choose from:
1. Teachers are too kind.
2. People today care too much about the way they look rather than who
they really are.
3. Mobile phones are the best communication tool.
4. Children today are rude.
5. Everybody is a hero.
6. All internet games should be allowed at school.
7. Everybody should learn to play an after school team sport.
8. The All Blacks should be allowed to perform the full “Kapa o Pango” haka.

Other Resources:

Speech Structure
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Opening your mouth
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Using humour
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