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September 2010: Here is a Wordle of my time in Ghana
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Sunday 26 September
Hi wonderful children! Have an amazing holiday...keep safe...I will be thinking of you lots. Stripy T and me are having an amazing time. We visited some slave castles yesterday. They have some very sad history, 8,000,000 slaves went though them and only 1/3 survived (how many is that???). It took us 3.5 hours to drive there in a van with 35 adults and children in was VERY hot and sticky! Love you lots, check out the photos. See you in two weeks,
Miss C and Stripy T xoxo
At Cape Coast
Terrance on the Elmina Slave Castle wall
One of the classrooms we are working with (spot the differences to our classroom!)

With some beautiful children from RATA School at the slave castle trip

Wednesday 22 September
Thanks for your posts! They made me smile!!! Check out the latest one. I am in Ghana now. We went and visited the schools today. It is very hot but it was so wonderful to see the children. They were very excited that you received their letters and I am going to give them yours on Monday. Terrance is behaving himself (he's right at home here!). It sounds like you are having a great week. I can't wait to see you and tell you all about my travels. You would love it here. I really feel like I am making a difference helping these people. The children say "Hi!". Enjoy the last week of the term! Love lots, Miss C xoxo

Monday 20 September
Hi children! I am in a Airport Hotel in Johannesburg (South Africa). It took us 17 hours flying to get here and we leave this afternoon for another 6 hours to is a lot of flying but Terrance and I are feeling great! I am so excited about the work to be done. I hope you are having an amazing week! Work hard, keep the classroom tidy and I love you all. I will try and post messages most days so remember to check here and in the discussion tab. If you want to write me a message back, do it on the discussion tab! Have a super week, your teacher who thinks you are amazing,
Miss C xoxo (P.S. Check out the photo of Terrance below!)

Getting a breather from the top of the suitcase at the airport in South Africa

The Adventures of Terrance Part 3

Wow, you will never guess that Miss Captein and I did on Wednesday! It was such a fun day…I made a new friend Gazza (the funky bear in the photo). He comes from New Zealand as well and is quite old so I had to be gentle with him (no biting!). He had lost an eye but the cool thing about him was that the kids in his class had designed and made him some clothes…hmm, which got me thinking…I wonder if anyone wants to make me some clothes??? Anyway, the other cool thing about the day was we did a random act of kindness activity where we had 40 minutes to prowl the streets of Sydney and see how many random acts of kindness we could do. At first I didn’t know what this meant but Miss Captein explained to me that it was just doing nice things for people without them expecting it. I felt a bit nervous at first but once we got going, you couldn’t stop us…we were on FIRE! Miss Captein hugged a random lady (this certainly made the ladies day), sang to an old man and even helped sweep all the hair off the floor of a hairdressers for a lady! I just had to wave my cute little paws and give a super adorable grin I made everyone’s day! We did learn some stuff of course as well…more about the habits and how we can use them in the classroom. Did I tell you there are 16 of them???…things like persistence (not giving up), thinking about your thinking, finding the humour (learning to laugh at yourself), thinking creatively with innovation and imagination, and taking responsible risks (stepping out of your comfort zone and giving things a go!).
Well, that’s it from me, your roving Sydney reporter!
Stripy T and Miss C xoxo
Terrance has a new friend Gazza!

Wednesday 4 August- The Adventures of Terrance Part 2

Hi Kids! Roar! We had a great day yesterday. We woke up to some very loud noises (Sydney city is a very noisy place!) of rubbish trucks picking up big crashing bins. I jumped out of bed so quickly but Miss Captein wasn’t so eager (I think she was a bit tired from a very cold, stormy nights sleep!). We were both very surprised at how close the conference venue was to where we were staying. Miss Captein held my hand as we walked through the streets to get there. It only took about one minute but the bustle and cacophony of colour and people around me made the walk last longer. The paths were littered in remnants of bubble gum and there were people everywhere. No-one looked up, or smiled, or said hello as they went about their mission. I thought this was a bit sad and wanted to say hello to everyone but Miss Captein was smiling so that made me feel better on the inside.

I was a bit nervous to meet all of the new people at the conference. I had hoped one of the other teachers had brought their class mascot with them too…but, there were no tigers or bears or any other animal…just a whole lot of teachers with funny accents! We made friends straight away though and had a fabulous day learning about the habits. I learned that they are not about picking your nose and habits like that but I learned that there are 16 of them that people and children need to have to be a success and be lifelong learners. My favourite one so far is one called ‘wonderment and awe’. This means the ability to look at something and find the beauty and wonder in it and say “WOW”! You must think I am a very clever tiger…well I am! Miss Captein was saying “WOW” all day…she loved all of the new learning!

In the evening when we had finished (it was a very loooooonnng day and I had to take a couple of kitty naps!), Miss Captein took me for a walk down to the harbour. Gosh it was a long walk. I don’t know about Miss C but I know I got blisters on my paws! It gets dark here in Sydney super early so when we got there we couldn’t see very much unfortunately. Miss Captein wouldn’t let me bungy jump from the Sydney Harbour Bridge this time but I did get to see the Opera House, which is pretty neat (although not so spectacular in the dark I must say).

Well that’s it from me for now. Miss Captein says a big “Hello!” (I think she misses you!). I hope you had a good day of learning too! See you in a week,

Stripy T and Miss C

Tuesday 3 August- The Adventures of Terrance Part 1

Today Miss Captein and I flew to Sydney. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time so we had Burger King for lunch. It was pretty exciting going through the scanning machine. Miss Captein (bless her) had to put me inside her zipped black bag. It was very dark and I had her purse digging into my stomach. But it was also pretty exciting. They put me on this conveyer belt, moving slide thing. It was like a theme park ride (but a lot slower!). Little lights flickered through the bag as the men x-rayed me. I wonder if they could see my bones? It seemed like eternity before Miss Captein let me out again. I had my head poking out the top of the bag as we strolled through the airport. There were so many exciting things to see, especially when we went through the duty free and I got to try on some of the perfume…gosh I smell good!

The plane ride was heaps of fun, especially when Miss Captein remembered I was with her and let me sit beside her. I had to remember to buckle my seatbelt low and tight. The ride was pretty smooth and pain-free except for a man who was snoring VERY BADLY behind me. Poor Miss Captein couldn’t stand it. I was ready to go back there and bite him on the nose to wake him up but I didn’t want to cause any trouble so I just put my paws in my ears and sang some songs in my head (“Baby, baby, alright…baby, baby, alright!”). So now we are about to land. I am super excited. It’s been a while since I have been in Sydney with Mr and Mrs Captein. Hopefully Miss Captein will be a little kinder and won’t hold me by the tail to take photos of me! She is looking after me and I feel very safe. We will go out for dinner tonight and then get an early nights sleep ready for our big day of learning tomorrow. I am going to learn about habits or something like that. I am not really sure what that means. That man behind us certainly has a bad habit of snoring…I don’t think it will be about that though otherwise Mrs Cullen probably wouldn’t have let us go on this trip! Gosh we are lucky!

Well kids, I am really tempted to do some biting but Miss Captein is giving me cuddles instead, that is helping me block out the sounds! I hope you have had a great day and remembered all of your manners (and taken your hats off inside Matt and Leyton!!!).

See you in a week,
Stripy T and Miss C

Terrance belted in on the plane (low and tight!)

Monday 2 August

Hi children! I am sitting at the airport in Auckland still, waiting for my flight. Terrance is having some Burger King for lunch and VERY excited (I had to strap him in my bag to stop him from wandering!). I hope you have had a wonderful afternoon in your adopted classes and have done lots of great work. Mrs Cullen is looking forward to teaching you tomorrow!
Will try and post a message again soon...Miss C :-) (P.S. Remember to check the 'Comments' page too cause I might just post a message there).

Wednesday 25 March

Bali is AMAZING! I have been here two days now. Teresa arrived late last night so it was a late and exhausting night for me. We had such a fun day today. I bought you all a present! Went shopping, a big walk on the beach, swimming in the pool, eating, filming news for church on Sunday and lots of laughs! It is very hot here...about 32 degrees today. We leave tomorrow. We will probably go to a place called Water Bomb. It is a big water theme looks awesome! See you soon. Miss C :-)

Monday 22 March

Hello children! I wonder who has first figured out that there is a new page here on our WIKI! I thought I would write you a quick message to say hello. I am waiting at Sydney International Airport for my flight to Bali. It took 3 hours and 11 minutes to get here (it was pretty rough and a man in the seat across the isle from me was very sick and was vomitting...not so nice for him or the people around him!).
I hope you had a great day with Whia awesome!
Miss C :-)

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